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News Release

First session of the SASOM Roadshow 2024 concludes with resounding success

Port Elizabeth/Gqeberha, July 3, 2024 – The South African Society of Occupational Medicine (SASOM) proudly hosted the first session of its highly anticipated Roadshow 2024 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Port Elizabeth/Gqeberha. This hybrid event brought together experts and practitioners in occupational medicine from across South Africa to delve into the theme “Occupational Medicine as a Peer-Based Discipline.”

The session kicked off with a warm welcome from Claudia Frost of the SASOM National Office, who highlighted the Roadshow’s mission to address challenges, share knowledge, and promote best practices among Occupational Medicine Practitioners (OMPs). This initiative aims to foster collaboration and enhance the visibility of SASOM within the occupational health community.

The event featured three distinguished speakers:

  • Dr. Jan Lapere, a seasoned occupational medicine specialist, opened the session with his presentation on “The Employer’s Occupational Health Duty and South Africa’s Legal Framework for Occupational Medicine.” Dr. Lapere provided in­ depth insights into the legal responsibilities of employers in maintaining a safe working environment and the critical role of occupational medicine practitioners in ensuring compliance with health regulations.
  • Dr. Haidee Williams, an esteemed occupational medicine specialist and honorary senior lecturer at the University of Cape Town, delivered a compelling talk on “The Role of Occupational Medicine Practitioners (OMPs) in the Chemical Industry.” Her presentation emphasized the importance of toxicological knowledge in risk assessment, medical surveillance, and safety protocols within the chemical sector.
  • Dr. Alex Govender, a respected general practitioner and occupational medicine specialist, offered a fascinating perspective on “Occupational Health Practice in China: What are the Realities?” Dr. Govender discussed the legislative framework, enforcement practices, and unique challenges faced in the Chinese occupational health landscape compared to South Africa.

The session concluded with a second presentation by Dr. Jan Lapere, focusing on “The Knowledge Needed by Non-Medical Attendees to Make the Right Decisions in Terms of Occupational Medical Services and Identify and Deal with Perverse Practices by Unqualified Service Providers.” This talk provided practical guidance for employers on selecting qualified occupational medicine practitioners and avoiding unethical practices.

The hybrid format allowed for robust interaction, with in-person attendees engaging directly with the speakers and online participants utilizing the Zoom platform’s Q&A section and interactive features. The event was enriched by active participation and engaging questions from the audience, underscoring the collaborative spirit essential for advancing the field of occupational medicine.

To book for the upcoming sessions, please visit the SASOM Roadshow 2024 page.