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The Impact of the Constitutional Court Ruling on Canabis

The ruling of the Constitutional Court to decriminalise private possession and use of cannabis may lead to a number of questions on the private use and whether the use of cannabis at the work place will now be permitted. We have a look at an article written by Dr JNR Lapere and specifically on the impact of the ruling on employment. 

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SASOM Current Position Statement on Occupational Health (Nursing) Practitioners performing Occupational Medical Examinations independent of an Occupational Medical Practitioner (2018/2019)
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Why is “Workplace Health Without Borders”(WHWB) important?
What is Risk Assessment?
What is SASOM’s position on medical certificates of fitness?
Health Surveillance and OH Services for Health Care Workers in the COVID-19 Epidemic
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Medico-Legal Aspects of the Practice of Occupational Health (Nursing) Practitioners in South Africa (2018/2019)
What is Industrial Hygiene?
What is the address to be used when reporting an Occupational Disease to the Chief Inspector?
What are the legalities on the certification of fitness to work?
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